OMNI on-hold messaging
OMNI on-hold messaging
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Web Enabled Message Player - Omni Digital is proud to offer the most advanced method of delivering advertising to your callers on hold ... a reliable audio player that works in conjunction with a web account at This brings you unmatched power to manage a flexible and dynamic on hold marketing program.

Convenient Browser Control - Control your on hold marketing content using a browser from your desk, from home, or on the road even from your smartphone! Simply login to your account at and select the messages you want to be in rotation. Your message player automatically connects to our server and downloads the messages that need to be playing each day.

Simple Network Connection - The player is an internet appliance that connects to your office LAN. It needs an 'always on' broadband connection to the internet so it can make daily connections to the Omni server. Its audio output connects to the music-on-hold input of your telephone system.

Effective Customized Messages - As we produce new messages for you, you'll build up a library of messages to advertise the products, services and image of your company. You can use your on hold messages to answer frequently asked questions, cross sell, introduce new products and more.

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